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  This article tells the story of a British writer Richard savage.He was once in London.At that time,he was very poor,resulting in poor health.Later,he became ill.A doctor who loved literature saved his life,but he didn't have the money to pay for medical treatment,so he gave his book to the doctor.
  The English author(writer),Richard Savage,was once living in London in great poverty.In order to earn(make)a little money he had written the story of his life,but not many copies of the book had been sold in the shop,and Savage was living from hand to mouth.As a result of his lack of food he became very ill,but after a time,because of the skill of the doctor who had looked after him,he got well again.After a week or two the doctor sent a bill to Savage for his visits,but poor savage hadn’t any money and couldn’t pay it.The doctor waited for another month and sent the bill again.But still no money came.After several weeks be sent it to him again asking for his money.In the end he came to Savage’s house and asked him for payment,saying to Savage,“You know you owe your life to me and I expected some gratitude(thankfulness)from you.”
  “I agree,”said Savage,“that I owe my life to you,and to prove to you that I am not ungrateful for your work I will give my life to you.”With these words he handed to him two copies entitle,the life of richard saves.
  1、The best title for this text should be ______.
  A.A Poor English Writer
  B.A Skilled Doctor
  C.A Life for a Life
  D.The Life of Richard Savage
  參考解析:故事的重點是最后薩維奇用什么方法來支付他的醫療費。所以這篇文章的標題選A Life for a Life,即“一命換一命”或“―生換一生”比較合適。
  2、In the text the underlined sentence,Savage was living from hand to mouth,means _______.
  A.Savage had clothes to wear and food to eat
  B.Savage had no money to buy clothes and food
  C.Savage was very poor and ill
  D.Savage was too poor to live on
  參考解析:from hand to mouth意為“僅能糊口地”,這句意為“薩維奇僅能糊口。”只有答案D符合句意。
  3、According to the text we can imagine that _______.
  A.the doctor was poor too
  B.the doctor was skilled and kind
  C.the doctor was skilled but cruel
  D,.the doctor was glad to have got the two books
  4、The writer wrote this story just to tell us ______.
  A.a funny story unhappy story
  C.a miserable story ungrateful story
  5、Which statement is not true?
  A.It was the doctor who cured Savage.
  B.If it hadn’t been because of the doctor,Savage might have died.
  C.The doctor sent bills to Savage for money.
  D.The doctor himself come to see Savage again.
  參考解析:根據In the end he came to Savage’s house and asked him for payment,saying to Savage,他來到薩維奇的家,向他索要報酬。


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